UMD Student Section

Five years after the MEHS Program was started, the Duluth Student Section of the Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals was chartered. The Student Section has had nearly 100% membership of full-time students since being chartered. Student members have been active in seminars, field trips, outreach projects, and fundraising activities as well as inviting MEHS alumni to campus for seminars on various topics.

The UMD ASSP Student Section also publishes a newsletter for all MEHS alumni and friends. The newsletter is an effective way of communicating employment changes, educational activities attended by the UMD Student Section and soliciting funds for the MEHS Program, therefore providing scholarships for deserving and dedicated students entering the program.

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Master of Environmental Health and Safety- University of Minnesota Duluth Alumni & Friends

Student Section Officers

President:  Eric Lassila

Vice-president: Nick Lundgren (remainder of fall), Drew Giese (Spring semester)

Treasurer: Kathryn Webb

Secretary: Eli Bissonett

Mission Statement And Goals


As members of the University of Minnesota Duluth, Masters of Environmental Health and Safety ASSP Student Section, we strive to gain knowledge, provide professional representation within the environmental health and safety community, as well as promoting a strong safety culture. The UMD ASSP Student Section officers developed and approved the mission statement, goals, and objectives of the Section by all membership. The Sections’ goals have helped to provide a clear direction in the pursuit of promoting the field of environmental health and safety both in the community and in industry.


  1. To enhance education, working knowledge, and skills in EHS related topics
  2. To promote ASSP and safety awareness within the community
  3. To establish networking relationships with professionals and practitioners


In order to accomplish the preceding goals, the UMD ASSP Student Section has set the following objectives to continually improve the knowledge, professional development, and promotion of a strong safety culture in the field of environmental health and safety:

  • To conduct tours of local industries such as manufacturing settings, paper companies, mining, railroad, fire-fighting training, aviation, and construction sites; and meet with current EHS personnel in the corresponding fields.
  • To actively participate in various safety promotion activities such as the ASSP Regional Student Conference, Career Days, and the UMD Health Fair.
  • To facilitate the establishment of Northern MN ASSP Professional Section for local membership.
  • To invite local professionals including UMD Masters of Environmental Health and Safety Alumni to conduct seminars on emerging topics in EHS.