Northwest Chapter 2021 Member Survey Results are In!!

In February of 2021, the Northwest Chapter opened the electronic member survey.  Thank you to all of the participants that responded!  These surveys are extremely valuable for the Chapter Board in guiding the approach to the programing year.  Some highlights from this year’s survey:

• More than half of respondents find the PDC and monthly meetings of greatest interest. 

• Members respond that Chapter email communications are sufficient.

• The Chapter website is used most to gain information about the chapter, while social media is not a significant means of getting information to members.

• Reasons for not attending the PDC or chapter meetings include time to travel to the meeting and the topics are not of interest.

• Lunch meetings are preferred within the middle of the week. 

Key takeaways for the board with these results. 

  1. The monthly meetings and PDC will remain the priority focus for yearly planning and the board will aim to get a variety of topics. 
  2.  As email and chapter website are preferred communication, less focus will be paid to social media accounts.
  3. Recognizing that time and travel to meetings may be an impediment to member participation, the board will explore further virtual options as a supplement to in person programming.

Congratulations to Lucy Carlson, Steven Norris, and Kurt Kumlin who won the gift card drawing!See the full Member Survey Results here.